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Ecommerce at Nihar Info Global Ltd:

  • The Company launched India's First Multi Portal namely lingual www.niharonline.com on 29th Dec, 1999.
  • The Portal was launched in 3 languages namely in English, Hindi and Telugu on 29th Dec,1999.
  • The Company launched India's First Multilinual Humour Portal in Telugu, English and Hindi and the portal sarasam.in is very popular.
  • Sarasam.com was also reviewed in the famous Telugu magazine TANA patrika in the year 2000, which is a also a popular telugu magazine in the United States.
  • Sarasam.com was reviewed in the Smile Magazine in the year 2001, which is a very popular Telugu humour magazine.
  • The Multilingual Portal had various main sections of News and Politics, Business, Culture, Family(Health,Recipes,Parenting,Personality Development), Entertainment, E-Cards(Multilinual static and animating cards), Screen savers, the portal also has various sub-sections, such as, political roundup, opinion columns, snippets, capital market, Vedas, religion, tourism, relationships, health, parenting to name a few. The entertainment section has two broad categories of Bollywood and Tollywood.
  • The Multilingual Portal had visitors from more than 100 countries and daily traffic used to be more than 1 Lakh visitors. The screen Shots of web.archive.org are listed below.
  • There were reviews about niharonline.com in Local, National and International Media and some of them are listed below.
  • The Portal Niharonline.com was launched as Content and eCommerce Portal in 1999 and with the changes in the trends in technology and need of ecommerce as of today, www.niharonline.com was refined and is made available to the general public.
  • Nihar Info Global Ltd. is also launching a set of eCommerce Portals catering to various segments as described below.
  • A newspaper the Economics Times is on 17nth April, 2000 in AP says that niharonline.com is the first multi-lingual portal in the country with three languages, viz, English, Hindi and Telugu. The site niharonline.com and sarasam.com are attracting more than one million hits per month from more than forty countries. First Humour portal in the country, Tollywood and Bollywood are better structured than other portals and has the credit of first Telugu portal in the country and also downloading of Screensavers.
  • The review of niharonline.com and sarasam.com came in the Focus column of Indian Express. It states that on 24&27 January,2000 the first Telugu portal, niharonline.com is an instant success having an average daily hits of 30,000 per day. The portal has roped in pun-makers in Telugu - Bapu, Sri Ramana and Mohan, to give the best of humour in Teugu with weekly updates.
  • The review in Sunday Chronicle says on 31st January&27th February,2000 the site is getting visitors from 40 countries and is converting its bi-lingual into a multilingual portal and is setting its eyes in E-Commerce. In a News Quiz it mentioned that niharonline.com is the first Telugu portal.
  • Enadu says that in order to reach people in rural villages, multi-lingual portals are coming up and in this regard, niharonline.com, rediif.com and indianinfo.com are in different states of launching. Further there has been a coverage of niharonline.com in E.T.V.,which is a popular Telugu T.V channel on 25th Feb 2000 along with important portals in India.
  • The company has tied up with HDFC Bank for the Merchant Account to accept Visa and Master Cards both in India and Abroad.