About Nihar Info

Nihar Info Global Ltd., (NIGL) is India’s fast growing IT Solutions and Products Company. It is a 21 years old Public Limited Company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.

  • The Company launched India's First Multilingual Portal viz. www.niharonline.com on 29th Dec, 1999.
  • The Portal was launched in 3 languages namely in English, Hindi and Telugu on 29th Dec, 1999.
  • The Company launched India's First Multilingual Humour Portal viz. www.sarasam.in Telugu, English and Hindi and the portal sarasam.in is very popular.
  • Sarasam.in was also reviewed in the famous Telugu magazine TANA patrika in the year 2000, which is a also a popular Telugu magazine in the United States.
  • Sarasam.in was reviewed in the Smile Magazine in the year 2001, which is a very popular Telugu Humour magazine.
  • The Multilingual Portal had various main sections of News and Politics, Business, Culture, Family(Health, Recipes, Parenting, Personality Development), Entertainment, E-Cards(Multilingual static and animating cards), Screen savers, the portal also has various sub-sections, such as, political roundup, opinion columns, snippets, capital market, Vedas, religion, tourism, relationships, health, parenting to name a few. The entertainment section has two broad categories of Bollywood and Tollywood.
  • The Multilingual Portal had visitors from more than 100 countries and daily traffic used to be more than 1 Lakh visitors.

Ecommerce Portals:

Nihar Info Global Ltd. also launched a set of eCommerce Portals catering to various segments as described below.

  • ITDukaan.com - An Online eCommerce Portal for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops.
  • GoldnSilver.in - An Online eCommerce Portal for Gold and Silver Items.
  • Cinescope.in - An Online eCommerce Portal for Movie Content.
  • Smartmelody.in - An Online eCommerce Portal for Music Content.
  • BanyanStore.com - An Online B2B eCommerce Portal.
  • Makeadeal.in - Makeadeal.in is an Online Product and Price Comparison Portal. The Portal has products ranging from all the categories.

Listing Details:

  • Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.
  • Code Name: NIHAR INFO and Scrip Code: 531083
  • Nihar Info Shares traded actively under Category B.